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Inflatable Pontoon Boats have made wooden boats more or less obsolete for fishing. This is because the new inflatable boats are lighter, easier to transport and have great maneuverability on still waters. This review will look at the new Sea Eagle Foldcat Pontoon Boats with focus on the two popular models; the 375fc & 440fc. Sea Eagle has been making inflatable boats for over 45 years and offer a 3 year warranty on their products!

Pontoon Boats have exhibited excellent advantages for fishermen when compared to rigid wooden boats or canoes. Inflatable boats, when deflated, can easily fit into the trunk of a car or a bag, and be conveniently carried around. Moreover, since they are lightweight, they can easily navigate through rough waters that a conventional fishing boat could not because of a deeper keel.

4-people-inflatable-boat The Sea Eable Foldcat 440fc pontoon boats measure about 14 feet long once fully inflated. The total dimensions are approximately 73 by 17 by 11 inches, which is wide enough to hold up to 4 adults for a fishing adventure. The inflatable Pontoon boat is fitted with a fold-able framework which firmly holds the boat structure together after inflation, making it steady enough for fishing on both calm and rough waters.

A modern Sea Eagle Foldcat 440fc inflatable pontoon boat comes with two “AB20″ rowing oars as accessories, a repair kit in case the boat gets damaged, and a foot pump. Inside the fully inflated 440fc, the boat includes 3 built in Swivel seats held in place by a special mount. The seats can spin 360 degrees, with added cushions and back support, to make any fishing trip as comfortable as possible.

The Sea Eagle Foldcat 375fc pontoon boat offers the same level of efficacy as the 440fc model but smaller, and best suited for two people. The 375fc model measures about 12’4″ by 4’6″ and weighs about 75 pounds. This makes it easy to maneuver in any flat water, and it comes with the two 360 degree swivel seats, comfortable to sit on and fish all day. All 375fc models mimic the 440fc models in stability when fishing on the calm waters of any river or lake. This is owed to the catamaran design of the boat which is reinforced with an aluminum frame to offer greater stability. The two inflatable Pontoons ensure the 375fc boat floats evenly on water, unlike the unstable nature of a single hard hull boat.

Stealthily maneuvering through the calm waters of a lake or river has never been been easier than with a Sea Eagle Foldcat Pontoon Boats using the included oars, thanks in part to the boats light weight and stability. Assembling the boat is a quick 5 minutes process anywhere and anytime with its folding aluminum frame.

Both the 440fc and 375fc Foldcat models are fitted with motor mounts, which can hold a gas or electric navigation motor with a capacity of up to 3HP. The inside floor area is wide enough to hold the extra motor in case the rowing gets tough and this will not compromise the boat’s ability to float, even with the extra weight. A foot pump is provided to quickly inflate the boat for fishing, and with a little extra money one can also invest in a battery powered pump which inflates the boat for action in a matter of minutes.

Regular inspection of the Sea Eagle Foldcat Boats is necessary to discover punctures on the pontoons. A provided repair kit allows for quick mending procedures and makes it easy to maintain the boat and fix any problems that arise anytime. Repair procedures should be carried out before and after using the boat, especially in incidences where the boat has collided with a rock or other sharp object in the water.

Sea Eagle Folcat 440FC

Sea Eagle Foldcat 440FC Ultimate Package

A general level of attention is all that is needed to safely enjoy operating the Inflatable Pontoon Boat. One can also enroll in a small boat safety course or just follow the quick guide provided with the boat manual, to understand how to properly use the product. The Sea Eagle Foldcat boats are perfect for a successful and comfortable fishing trip on calm waters. They replace the heavy and unstable hard hull boats and can be conveniently carried to any fishing spot. All the Sea Eagle Folcat needs is a little care, maintenance and proper storage for it to provide long-term fishing pleasure.

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